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Number Sense:

Identify numbers, Count forward & backward # 1-10,000 

Skip count- by 10s or 100s, forward and backward starting at different numbers.  

Understand place value (ones, tens, hundreds, etc) and the value. 



Comparing Fractions 

  • Use Pictures, number lines, common denominators and common numerators to compare fractions to each other.  
  • Equivalent Fractions 
  • Multiple the numerator and denominator by the same number OR divide the numerator and denominator by the same number.  

Improper Fraction to Mixed Number 

  • Step 1- Divide the numerator by the denominator. 
  • Step 2- Put the remainder over the original denominator. 
  • Step 3- Combine to make your mixed number. 

Mixed Number to Improper Fraction 

  • Step 1- Multiple the whole number by the denominator. 
  • Step 2- Add the numerator to that number. 
  • Step 3- Place this number over the original denominator. 
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Addition and Subtraction: 

Addition and subtraction facts within 10 should be automatic- if not, keep practicing! (5+3, 4+2, 8-1, 6-4) 

Multi-Digit Addition Strategies: 

Break Apart:  

Break each number by place value.  Example: 238 = 200 + 30 + 8.  Line up decomposed number like a traditional subtraction equation.  Solve and regroup ones and tens as appropriate. 

Picture/ Model:  

represent each number using base 10 visuals.  square = hundreds, line = tens, dot = ones. Set up visual equation in tradition addition equation and solve, regrouping ones or tens as appropriate.  

Place Value Chart: 

Decompose each number into the correct column in the place value chart.  Solve and regroup ones and tens as appropriate.   

Pull Down: 

Represent the equation by place value, grouping the ones, tens, and hundreds together.  Solve and regroup ones and tens as appropriate.